I swing like a pendulum w.r.t my opinions on the extreme reactions to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. I find myself agreeing to opinions like those of Anupama Chopra, where she asks readers to respect that he chose to die in silence, and then like a schizophrenic I turn the tables nodding my head as Kangana fires away from her living room, gunning for the Bollywood elite club’s head.

I am also appalled when Sonam Kapoor calls her privilege a result of good karma in her past life. That is just outright idiotic. No two way about it.

Amidst this cacophony, which only exists on Twitter, I see a Netflix ad for Bulbbul. Clicking the link takes me away from the toxic vitriol that is so on-point for the brand that Twitter has unfortunately built for itself.

It is a Netflix original movie, produced by Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate Films. She always has been an outspoken, levelheaded person, at least more often than not, I think. NH10 was an amazing theatrical experience for me way back in 2014. Pari was a great idea that got lost somewhere when it took the plunge from paper to parda. Everyone on social media was gung-ho about Paatal Lok, which I have not found the time to catch up on.

So, with these facts in mind, I decided to hit play. It was a surprisingly fast choice, given that sometimes I have spent an hour “deciding” what to watch and then fallen asleep defeated!

Bulbbul is a fairy tale, on the slightly scarier, supernatural side. I’d be disappointed if I expected a “horror” movie, it isn’t one and shouldn’t be mistaken as one either. It’s a period movie set in the early 20th century probably. The cinematography is unique, with shades of red, purple, orange lighting up my TV screen beautifully.

It has an engaging tone, which draws you in and keeps you interested and invested. It’s very hard to achieve this in a non-theatrical setting as one always has the remote to just hit pause and exit unless the remote’s lost between the sofa cushions and you’re too lazy to look for it. How many times have we all started something and then left it midway never to ever watch it again?

But praising the movie is not the point that I want to make here. There’s Avinash Tiwary and then Tripti Dimri in lead roles here. The last time I saw Tripti & Avinash together was Laila Majnu, a criminally underrated take on…you guessed it right: Laila Majnu! But it was much more than that really. It explored the impact of a breakup on the psyche eventually leading the lover to insanity.

But I digress.

The last time I saw Avinash Tiwary was in Ghost Stories in Karan Johar’s Goodnight Granny. The less said about this, the better. But I loved Kusha Kapila in her cameo in it.

But those are the only movies of these brilliant artists I’ve watched. I check their filmography, they don’t really have any major credits other than the ones I’ve watched. That’s sad.

But I digress again.

As the credits rolled, I came out of the theatre, no, I was in my chair at home all along!

Thanks, Corona!! I miss the theatre!

I should quit digressing now for sure!

I marvelled at the performances that Tripti, Avinash, Rahul Bose delivered in the movie. These artists should be appreciated, and we must see them in many more interesting projects, I thought.

I switched on my phone; a twitter notification awaited me: #justiceforssr.

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