The Egg Boiler Part 1

Chapter 1

The Egg Boiler has been perhaps the most value additive purchase I’ve ever made online. I am not kidding.

It’s a cute little machine which can boil 6 eggs at a time; has a narrow measuring cup which tells me the amount of water I need to add for the required number of eggs. And it cost me INR 1.5k only. Compared to the amount of metaphorical garbage I’ve bought over the years on Amazon, this one has not disappointed me one bit.

A few years ago, an egg boiler would be an “out-of-character” purchase for me. But as part of my commitment to healthy living, which began in 2017, eggs re-entered my life becoming a major contributor of protein on my breakfast plate.

The purchase did, however, have its share of cynicism, from my mom surprisingly. It was an encroachment of sorts on my mother’s territorial claims: the kitchen, by me.

Egg Boier.png

My cooking skills, the less said the better. And here I was, becoming supposedly “self-sufficient” by boiling my own eggs. Imagine the future where AI takes over our jobs, and we resist by revolting. This was a milder version of that. She was irritated, by my presence in the kitchen and unwilling to even use it.

But then common sense prevailed, and like the Industrial revolution changed forever how we manufacture stuff, eggs will never be boiled the same traditional way in my house ever again. My mom swears by its utility now: the perfectly hard-boiled eggs give her no reason to complain one bit.

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