Black Panther

Everytime you think, what’s Marvel going to do to blow my mind once again like they did the last time, it goes ahead and pulls out an awesome rabbit from its magic hat and I leave like the satisfied customer who’s definitely going back again the next time they call me.

Africans for me in movies have always been about rising from the underdog status to claiming what’s theirs, or comedies where they’re dropping pearls of simply genius fun one liners. I’ve never seen them own the movie from the beginning to the end without some sad sob story about empowerment. Or maybe I’m just watching the wrong kind of movies.
Here comes Black Panther, and we’ve got them kicking ass in style from the word go. For the first time, I’m so happy to find only 1 White character in the whole movie..I guess he was the diversity hire here. It’s such a refreshing change.

There are stylistically designed fight sequences you’ve never seen before, cause they’re blending traditional African tribe imagery with modern gizmo that make your mind go what just happened !!

And then there’s the heart of the movie, the emotional connect giving you family drama and the moralistic undertones of doing what’s right and not staying in the shadows as mute spectators.

I entered the theatre with a house full audience at an 8 am show and I know I’m in the right place. I leave with some relevant pearls of wisdom from T’Challa that maybe our leaders should listen “In times of crisis, the wise build bridges and the fools build barriers.”

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