Moving on as fast as we possibly can.

I’m tired from the study session I just completed. I decide to take a break. I’m on my phone on the Google Chrome App. It’s gathered a bunch of news articles for me. I just scroll through them randomly.

Rahul’s made some silly comment, Bipasha’s being trolled for a new condom ad she did with her husband, Radhe Maa has a gufa too it seems, how did Prabhas become Bahubali?

I’m really confused, for a company that’s supposed to know me so well, these were the news articles it decided to collate for me? Or maybe there’s nothing better happening currently.

And then inadvertently I click on the one that said, “Woman Raped in Broad Daylight By Drunk Man Near Busy Vizag Road. No One helped.”

The page loads speedily, courtesy: Hathaway Broadband. Before I can change my mind about reading this sad piece of news, the page has already fully appeared and I’ve already started reading it. It’s horrific to say the least.

A drunk 20-year-old man was filmed raping a mentally ill woman in broad daylight on the footpath of a road in Andhra Pradesh’s Vishakhapatnam.

That’s not all. The video of the incident shows that passers-by – who were a few feet away – did absolutely nothing. 

The man has been arrested by 4th Town police.

The autorickshaw driver who filmed the rape, reported it to the police.

As I scroll down the page, there’s even a video. It auto plays.

There are blurred patches of the man. One can make out what he’s upto. The news anchor is narrating the horrific details again as a voiceover with the theatricality that I’m used to after having watch Times Now for so long. Then at the edge of the frame in the video, I see there’s a man in a jacket with a plastic carry bag walking along the footpath. His head turns to his left. He probably sees what’s up behind the tree on the footpath. And then he walks away in a course-correcting manner. He had moved on.

A lot of thoughts cross my mind. They’re not pleasant. In a population 1.3 billion, why are there so many rotten apples. Where are the good ones and what are they up to? I remember a line from something I had read earlier somewhere: Indians, we are a nation of onlookers. Oh yes, we are! Time and again we prove it. I always found the line we were taught in school very funny. It was one of those cliché English essay topics we used to get in middle school: India: Unity in Diversity. Hell yeah! We’re really diverse. We have such diverse mentalities as a people. From the honest, pure angels working hard to make this nation great again (Sorry couldn’t resist Trump’s words here) to the dark demons committing horrific crimes like it’s just a hobby class. And then there are the grey ones that lie in the middle of the long spectrum and the one thing we do well is being bystanders to everything good and bad that’s happening around us. That’s our thing: we observe. Just observe.

After that barrage of thoughts that flashed across my mind and troubled me, I press the back button. Oh! Google has another article that catches my eye. The headline reads: Lulu gets fired from the CIA Because She would rather Play Than Sniff Bombs.

I’m intrigued. Who’s Lulu? The page opens as fast as it possibly can. And there’s the most awesome piece of news that I read in a few days.

They say everyone has their calling, and Lulu the pup proves that it also applies to dogs. The CIA has released a “pupdate” that it had to make the tough decision to drop the 18-month-old labrador from their bomb-sniffing program. The reason? Turns out, Lulu just… wasn’t into it. “We’re sad to announce that a few weeks into training, Lulu began to show signs that she wasn’t interested in detecting explosive odours,” the CIA wrote. “Sometimes a pup is bored and needs more playtime, sometimes they need a little break, or it’s a minor medical condition a like a food allergy. But for some dogs, like Lulu, it becomes clear that the issue isn’t temporary. Instead, this just isn’t the job they are meant for.” Lulu was adopted by her handler and is now enjoying her days playing with his kids or sniffing out rabbits and squirrels in the backyard. “We’ll miss Lulu, but this was the right decision for her,” the CIA concluded.

There was even an adorable picture of Lulu and I don’t know what’s it with dogs, but they make my heart melt in a jiffy.


My mood has clearly swung back to the happy zone again. Lulu’s made my day.

I’ve moved on. Just like all of us will.


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