Food truly conquers all. 

I had a craving for my latest favourite thing, ‘stuffed garlic bread from Domino’s”, today  after waking up, late in the morning. It’s one of those Sundays, when you know it’s going to be a brunch kind of a day. 

My mother on the other hand decided to fulfil by my dad and brother’s demands of making anda bhurji. I sigh, and my disdain for anda bhurji and pav, just makes me more determined to go ahead and fulfil my garlic bread and jalapeño dip craving already. While I’m at it, the online ordering procedure that is, I whine like a nagging wife, about how can someone like anda bhurji and pav, and both my father and brother give me this look clearing telling me- you  have no idea about the thing that you are talking about. It’s very similar to the one both of them give me when I complain about why we have to watch the cricket match on TV. 

But then the thought flashes my mind, it always has time and again crossed my mind, of how similar my dad and my brother are as people. They have so much in common, to the point of making me jealous for not having this kind of connect with a family member. My mother and I share no common ground either. I feel left out, having no one to share my idiosyncrasies with. 

The door bell rings, my order has arrived. The delivery boy has an opinion to share today: “Sir, you always have the same order, 2 stuffed garlic bread sticks and jalapeño dips. We always know where we have to deliver this even before we read the address.”, he chirps. I smile, not knowing how to react to this unsolicited observation of my predictable ordering behaviour, and the thing that comes out of mouth makes me laugh even harder, ” I don’t like your pizzas, just the garlic bread”. 

My solo feast begins with me ripping the lid of the jalapeño dip container, the smell of freshly baked garlic bread takes over my cognitive abilities and I forget about the mild jealously that I felt about my father and my brother’s mutual love for anda bhurji. Food truly conquers all. 

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