I use writing as a tool on the path of self discovery, hence the name “Getting to know myself better”.

You’ll find a lot of personal reflective essays here where I speak about the lessons I’ve learnt or special incidents that take place in my life that warrant a blog post to just get it out there in writing. Also, I write about issues in the public domain that I feel strongly about. You’ll find all of these posts in the menu under the category of “Life as it happens”.

I love watching movies. It’s more than a hobby, I’d rather characterise it as an obsession. The theatre experience is unparalleled and Netflix and chill, though convenient, can never truly replace the communal, big screen, Dolby digital sound viewing aspect of the multiplex. Movies make me feel a varied and diverse set of emotions and I reflect after watching gems. You’ll find my humble thoughts on them in the menu under the category “Reflections on Movies”.

I’ve done some freelance work too. I’m proud of the fact that someone paid me to write for them. That work is listed on the page titled a very matter of factly: Paid Assignments.

Reading is one of the few hobbies that has stuck with me through the years. What I’ve noticed is that I read books, I learn something new and if it isn’t profound enough, I tend to forget it down the road as time passes me by. So I have planned a “Reflections of Reading” page on the blog, but I haven’t really posted anything there yet. But it’s definitely on my agenda.

I’m a finance professional and some of my writing also covers interesting parallels that I find between life and the economy. You’ll find those again in the “Life as it happens” page.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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